Using Suture-less Stapler Device Is Superior Than Others


Looking For A Painless and Safe Adult Male Circumcision?

adult circumcision

What are The Advantages of Using Stapler?

adult circumcision


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Using our special anaesthetic cream for the procedure thus effectively numb the area.

adult circumcision


The device is so effective that produce very minimal bleeding. Thus suitable for those with bleeding tendencies.

adult circumcision


Since NO suturing is needed as the Stapler will replace the need for suture. Thus, NO need to comeback to remove the suture later.

adult circumcision


No risk of infection or other common complications associated with conventional circumcision thus ensures fast recovery

Adult Circumcision Malaysia

Apart from treating men for illness, we also provide adult circumcision Malaysia at He Medical.  Some people need circumcision to treat diseases such as phimosis (an abnormally tight foreskin), while others prefer it for cosmetic and personal reasons. Foreskin issues can be painful and have an influence on your health and sexual life.  Our renowned urology surgeons are adult circumcision Malaysia experts and can provide calm and reassuring counsel and guidance for your worries, no matter how sensitive they may be. Local anesthesia, a rapid surgical method, and skin glue closure are aspects of our adult circumcision treatment.

Moreover, circumcision is usually recommended only after other, less invasive, and less hazardous treatments have been tried and failed. Topical steroids can help soften the skin and make it simpler for the foreskin to retract in mild cases of phimosis. As a circumcision clinic Kuala Lumpur, we at He Medical Clinic will ensure that we explain the procedure before you go through the procedure.  One of the essential components of our lives is our personal hygiene. Stapler circumcision keeps us from jeopardizing it. To know more about adult circumcision, you may contact our circumcision clinic Kuala Lumpur.

Indication For Circumcision

  • Tight Foreskin or Phimosis

  • Paraphimosis

  • Thick or Long Foreskin

  • Hygiene

  • Foreskin Diseases

  • Recurrent Foreskin Infection

  • Severe Premature Ejaculation

  • Religious or Sociocultural Practice

adult circumcision

Stapler Circumcision

Developed in China, the circular stapler is a new device used to perform circumcision. From studies, it is found that stapler circumcision requires a shorter operative time, causes minimal pain, and a low blood loss volume compared with another circumcision device, Shang Ring. The circumcision can be easily performed using local anaesthesia on an outpatient basis. The stapler device is a disposable device that includes two parts, an inner bell, and an outer bell. The inner bell is designed to protect the head of penis. For the outer bell, it has a circular blade to cut the foreskin and staples to close the wound which prevents bleeding.

Circumcision can be a traumatic experience if handle poorly, which is why you need the best experienced doctors and latest methods for the procedure to make the circumcision as comfortable for you as possible.

Today stapler circumcision in Malaysia is gaining popularity and is becoming one of the preferred circumcision methods. Just make sure that you come to us and follow all the instructions to recover fully without any difficulty.

Post-operative Care

Patients will undergo wound inspection within 2-3 days to examine for any possible complications such as bleeding or infection. Other possible complications include edema and wound dehiscence where the wound might fail to close. Hence, patients will be taught proper wound care in the comfort of their homes.


In about 14 days after the procedure; the staples that are held together by a silicon cascade will detach. If it is not detached spontaneously, it may require removal by the doctor. All patients are advised to avoid sexual intercourse and masturbation for at least 4 weeks after circumcision for maximise healing.

adult circumcision Malaysia
adult circumcision Malaysia

Comparison With Other Adult Male Circumcision Techniques


Using electrocautery knife to cut the excess skin. Generally it is better than traditional method using scissor.

shang ring

Clamp is second best but due to limited sizes for adult it is more popular among children circumcision.


Its done by using scissors by dorsal slit method. It was rarely use now for elective circumcision due to high risk of bleeding and long operating hours.