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longer erection

P-Shots for Harder,Stronger and Longer Erection

P-SHOTS is the revolutionised treatment to repair damage tissue and improve penile blood flow thus helping it to : 

  • Stronger Erection: Your erection will be harder by improving the blood flow

  • Longer Erection : Better blood flow and higher blood pressure on the area makes the penis has longer erection than usual

  • Delay Ejaculation: Longer time with more fun.

  • Increase pleasure : Restored feeling and sensation and make it more enjoyable

  • Treat Erectile dysfunction : One of the treatment to help solve erectile dysfunction

  • Enlarging Penis : Making the penis to become bigger due to fluid in the blood and releases of platelet in the penis.

Are you suffering from Erection Issue ? Do you have soft erection? Or you just can’t keep your erection longer in bed? All these scenarios can be frustrating for men and can seriously affect your sexual life! 

With the right solution, you can enhance your libido and get better and stronger erections to go longer in bed. With the p-shots for stronger erection you can make your sex life fulfilling and pleasurable. The procedure is effective and painless to give you what you were looking for!

Book an appointment with our Experience Doctors and know more on how P-shots can help in enhancing penile performance.

Why PRP injections?

How It Is Done?

The P-SHOTS is an innovative procedure that uses Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) injections to stimulate increased blood flow and new cell growth. Here how it is done :

longer erection

Blood is drawn out


30-60ml of blood drawn from patient's arm. The blood then will be mixed with platelet activator.

longer erection

Spin in a Specialised Centrifudge Machine

The blood is then placed in the centrifudge machine. The centridudge will spins and seperate the platelet from the rest of the blood component.

PRP is then extracted 

5-6ml of PRP will be separated from the tube

longer erection

Administration of PRP


A small needle is used to distribute the platlet rich plasma throughout the penis.

longer erection

Specialised Anaestethic Cream


A special extra strength topical numbing cream ensures that the procedure is painless.

prp pic cent.jpeg

How long does the procedure take?

The entire session takes about 30-40 minutes.

How many sessions are required?

Once a month for 3 sessions



longer erection
premature ejaculation
penile enlargement
longer erection
  • How many sessions will I need?
    Different individuals will need a different number of sessions. Individuals with more severe ED may require more sessions. We typically go by 6 sessions or 12 sessions as followed by protocol. You may opt for twice or three times of ESWT sessions per week.
  • How often should you repeat ESWT?
    It is advisable to repeat the ESWT 1-3times per year as maintenance.
  • Are there any side effects from this therapy?
    There is literally NO side effects from ESWT, further proving to be a effective and safe choice of therapy for ED.
  • What should I prepare prior to ESWT?
    Patients need not worry about any prior preperation for ESWT! No prior fasting required, only to be present for the doctor to perform the therapy on.
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