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There are two main types of Premature Ejaculation :

By having the right diagnosis, right treatment can be initiated to overcome this issue. Learn more about how we can help you to overcome this issue.

premature ejaculation

Which Type of Premature Ejaculation Are You Having?

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Our Approach to Help You Overcome
Premature Ejaculation

Applying Cream

Anaesthetic agents

The use of topical anaesthetic creams has been shown to improve the situation and prolong ejaculation. Around 20 to 30 minutes before sex, numbing creams  may be applied to the whole penis area and can be wash right before sexual encounter. 

Medicines and Pills

Oral Medications

These medications are supposed to slow down ejaculation by 3 to 10 fold. They also helps in improving the erection thus easier for you to control the ejaculation.

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Kegel Therapy

Kegel exercise has been known to improve erection as well as strengthening up the pelvic floor muscle. With a strong muscle, these will help in holding the ejaculation much more easier thus improving your performance. 

How Kegel Exercise / Therapy Helps With Premature Ejaculation & Erection?

Kegel exercises, or pelvic exercises, have proven to be effective in addressing erectile dysfunction, and it should be used as the first-line of treatment. The ischiocavernosus and bulbocavernosus muscles in the pelvic area surround the penis and are active during an erection

The first step in doing Kegel exercises is to identify your pelvic floor muscles. Think of these muscles as the same ones you would use to stop your stream of urine when you’re urinating. 

Imagine doing this everyday.

With the KEGEL THERAPY, it will help doing the kegel exercise for you up to

12 000 TIMES in a single session.

kegel exercise for men


Shockwave Therapy
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