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STD Test Treatment

STD Test Treatment: How Often Should You Get Tested?

As a responsible adult, you know that it's important to get STD test treatment regularly if you're sexually active. It's also important to get treatment for any sexually transmitted diseases that you may have — this can include HIV treatment, HPV Warts removal and treatment, and STI treatment.

If you're sexually active with one partner, you'll want to get STD test treatment at least once each year. This will help ensure that both you and your partner are free from STDs and can continue to enjoy a healthy sexual relationship. Many people shy away from STD test treatment, as they're afraid that they might find information that they don't want to know. Sadly, putting off HPV Warts removal and treatment, HIV treatment, and STI treatment can all lead to lasting consequences that may have been avoided with earlier testing and treatment.

It's important to know your risk factors for STD infection. If you have more risk factors than average, you may want to be tested more frequently. If you use needles to inject substances, have sex with more than one partner, are showing symptoms of an STD, or are otherwise concerned for your sexual health, you'll want to get tested more often than once per year. People with risk factors beyond single-partner sex should get tested every three to six months. If you're showing signs of an STD or are otherwise concerned that you may have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease, you'll want to get tested right away.

If you find that you have an STD, be open with your partner. Your healthcare provider can work with you to provide tips on how to have a conversation about sexual health with your partners in a productive, constructive way.

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