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MD, 2000 (UNIMAS); DKHP, 1994 (UPM)

Dr. Nicholas Pangil is a Senior Medical Doctor with demonstrated experience and skills. He obtained his Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) in 2000.

Previously, he has held various roles in public and private sectors, across urban and rural areas. In these roles, he was based in both West and East Malaysia, from Health Clinics to Tertiary Hospitals, in which he also contributed to public health initiatives.

Throughout his private practice, an opportunity surfaced in 2018 for him to train in hair implantation in India. In 2020, he returned to practice as a General Practitioner joining a few establishments in Klang valley.

He has a special interest in Men and Sexual Health and with his meticulous skills and cultural sensitivity from over two decades of his medical career, hoping to educate and empower his patients to be able to manage their health better.

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