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MBBS (Karachi), MCPS (PK), FCPS (PK) MRCP (Ireland), PGDT (Malaysia), HDP (Malaysia), PGHPE(Malaysia)

Dr Anis is gazetted as a Consultant Physician, Intensive Internist, Haemodialysis and Emergency Physician by Ministry of Health, Malaysia. His history of working in the Medical field since 1985 has amassed vast experience in multiple government and private healthcare centre across the world, dealing with patients with chronic illnesses like Diabetes and Cardiac disease.

As a Consultant Physician, Dr Anis has organised and participated in many health conferences. He has also organised seminars and courses to train junior doctors for hospitals in Malaysia at the state and district levels. Dr Anis is able to converse in Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Malay, Punjabi, Arabic and English.

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