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Bent Penis Treatment 

The Cause of Painful Erection and Painful Sexual Intercourse 

There is not enough awareness on frenulum breve that some men suffer from this condition for years with the idea that this condition is untreatable. Most male patients are afraid to speak about this issue which then leads to anxiety for the patient and his partner. Most patients are afraid to be circumcised whereas the solution to this condition is not necessarily circumcision. There are other less invasive procedures that can be offered to the patient as Bent Penis Treatment.

Frenulum Breve or tight penile frenulum is a condition in which the piece of skin that connects the foreskin to the glans is shorter than normal. This causes pain during sexual intercourse and causes trauma to the frenulum. It is usually common amongst males and there is a prediction that 5% of patients with this condition are uncircumcised males.

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The frenulum of prepuce of the penis is often known as the frenulum, an erogenous elastic band of tissue under the gland of the penis and contains frenula vessels. The function of the frenulum is that it acts as a ‘retractor’ of the foreskin over the glands which is the head of the penis. Usually a frenulum is long and stretchable, allowing the foreskin to slide down the penile shaft and expose the entire surface of the glands. This is why during erection, if the frenulum is tight or short, it will cause some pressure that leads to downward curvature of glands.


This condition also prevents any free movement of the foreskin during sexual intercourse or masturbation. This condition can become severe during sexual intercourse which can cause pain and bleeding especially if the frenulum has rip or tear. Repeated tear will be hard to heal and will cause scarring  which leads to more pressure if the condition precedes. If this condition is left untreated, his can lead to the patient having difficulties during penetrative sex or any sexual dysfunction. Early intervention is important to detect this condition earlier.

A common symptom of frenulum breve is pain and bleeding during sexual intercourse. However, to identify frenulum breve is simply just pulling down the foreskin completely and record the reaction of the patient if the patient feels tightness around the frenulum. The head of the penis will therefore be bent downwards when the foreskin is pulled. 

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A surgical procedure called frenulectomy is done by removing the tight band of tissue to release it from the surrounding tissue. Trial of different techniques such as the use of steroid creams or skin stretching exercise can also be considered. However, this technique has little benefits.

This method includes the use of steroid creams or skin stretching exercise. The use of steroid cream increases the effect of stretching by creating the thinning of the skin for easier stretch but upon stopping to the cream, the frenulum would get thicker. For young patients, they would have difficulties to prolong abstinence from sexual activity and therefore would prefer to get a surgical intervention compared to a conservative approach.

Surgical Method 


Our approach of doing frenulectomy / frenuloplasty using new technique by :-

  • No needle approach (without painful local anaesthetic injection)

  • No suture approach (Using glue stitch - thus no suture removal needed)

  • Bloodless 

  • Painless

The goal for this procedure or Bent Penis Treatment is to release the tightness of the tight frenulum and give an improved sexual pleasure without pain or bleeding.


  • How many sessions will I need?
    Different individuals will need a different number of sessions. Individuals with more severe ED may require more sessions. We typically go by 6 sessions or 12 sessions as followed by protocol. You may opt for twice or three times of ESWT sessions per week.
  • How often should you repeat ESWT?
    It is advisable to repeat the ESWT 1-3times per year as maintenance.
  • Are there any side effects from this therapy?
    There is literally NO side effects from ESWT, further proving to be a effective and safe choice of therapy for ED.
  • What should I prepare prior to ESWT?
    Patients need not worry about any prior preperation for ESWT! No prior fasting required, only to be present for the doctor to perform the therapy on.
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